Wednesday, March 14, 2012

White Day

Happy White Day my darlings! If you don't know, White Day is usually celebrated in Japan and South Korea. It works closely in conjunction with Valentine's Day! In Japan or Korea it is usually the girl's job to give chocolates to the one she likes on February 14. In this case, it's best to give homemade chocolates because it is thought to be more representative of sincere feelings. One month later on White Day (March 14), it is the the guy's job to give back to those who gave him gifts. I think in general, no matter who gives you a Valentine, you're supposed to give back. I really like this tradition, I wish this would happen in the United States! But I didn't even get a Valentine so I can't even give a White Day gift (forever alone T^T)!

Lot's of idols like to thank their fans by posting selcas or singing songs just for them. Can you imagine how many gifts a Korean idol gets on Valentine's Day?! Probably truck loads!

G-Dragon BigBang
Minzy 2NE1

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