Wednesday, September 12, 2012

K-Pop Obsession: Orange Caramel's Lipstick

Been a while since my last obsession post so to kick it back up, it's Orange Caramel's "Lipstick". Usually this group is a bit too cutesy for me, but I love love LOVE the concept for this video; which is ping pong! Yay! Hilarious ping pong! Can I say I've seen those crazy neon yellow teddy bear shoes on a customer recently? They seem to fit right in with this video. And it's also hard to believe, but these girls are a subunit from the girl group After School, who just finished promoting their sexy single "Flashback."

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

PSY on Ellen Degeneres Show!

So this is awesome, I love PSY and I love Ellen Degeneres and here, they are teaching/dancing Gangnam Style on her show! With Britney Spears! PSY says the perfect sentence that totals the Gangnam Style dance to a "T" ---"Dress classy and dance cheesy." Way to go PSY! PSY is his stage name, short for psycho. He actually speaks very good English, even graduated from a university in the US! I'm so proud of PSY, he's a big hit in the US!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

K-Pop Obsession: G-Dragon's One of a Kind & That XX

I really wanted to feature G-Dragon when he released his music video for "One of a Kind" but I was busy and lost track of time. Before I knew it, he had released his first single and music video for "That XX"!!! Ahhh! So this week's feature is going to be the two release singles off his new comeback album One of a Kind.

What I need to say is, these singles are very G-Dragon yet very different from one another. In one single, he's very quarky, odd and off beat with fast beats and rap. Then in the next, he's smooth, dramatic and melodic. Both I loved, but I have to say I probably like "One of a Kind" just a little bit better-he's just so charismatic and the beat so infectious I can't help it! The single, "That XX" is rated 19+ in Korea because of the used of the Korean word "bastard" so that's why it's annoyingly bleeped in the music video.

Watch "One of Kind" for fast rapping, stern but sexy dancers hip thrusting in pilot outfits, an earworm autotuned "Helloooooooooooh", and G-Dragon's ugly yellow corn rows (yup that's G-Dragon's kinda style this time).

Watch "That XX" for good/evil G-Dragon, beautiful imagery, and a cameo by a member of new rookie girl group mentored by G-Dragon himself.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Kong Suni the Farting Doll

The fart sound translation is "Bbong Bbong"

Meet Kong Suni, a very popular Korean play doll that farts. Yes, farts! She eats cereal and when you push her stomach she farts! It's even sold with a flushable toilet! Cute poop, cute poop! Poop is cute in Korea. The thing is, this doll doesn't look Korean she's actually very European or American dolls around the world look like white Europeans?! Check out the "cute" commercial below (By the way, I find most dolls to look very creepy. Especially the ones with the eyes that close when you lay them down. Eek!).