Saturday, March 3, 2012

Fashion Forward: Nazi Chic

“Nazi chic” a term that describes the use of Nazi imagery, paraphernalia or fashion either for the exhilaration of breaking taboos or for sensational shock value, but not for the express purpose of sympathizing with the ideology of Nazism. (via Chinasmack) Ever heard of it?! Or start to see it pop-up on the internet??? Well, it's all the rage in Asian right now, particulary Thailand, where gangs of youths can be seen seen walking the streets donning their Hitler cartoon t-shirts and dressing up in full Nazi uniform (complete with Swastika armbands and toy guns). It's nothing new, it's actually been documented as early as 2000. Cosplay images of Nazi chic have been popping up and creating a stir among Western netizens. Foreigners visiting Bangkok, Thailand will be surprised to see stalls and shops selling a panda Hitler t-shirt alongside Michael Jackson. Lol. Have you seen any of these? The most popular have been the McHitler design. You can buy them for $7-$12 a piece in Thailand. I personally think they're funny and says alot about McDonalds, Teletubbies and pandas...

Oh panda are so cute? Terrifying? You remind me of that bear with claws that beats up the kid...Gloomy! That bear's name is Gloomy. These shirts actually look like you might find them in Hot Topic, just saying. The panda is like stitched up like a vodoo doll and Hot Topic is always trying to be emo and "trendy."
McHitler, you are now a symbol of the McDonalds Corporation. Don't miss the transvestite version in the yellow! I mean, these designs aren't too bad, it's just that it is Hitler and he's very evil. Just know it's a trend and they don't understand the horrific meaning behind it.

Teletubbie Hitler is just funny! He looks slightly constipated or like he's raising his hand in class.

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