Thursday, October 27, 2011

Join the Club - SHINee World

This week SHINee (Shiny!!!!) fans take over as SHINee World. SHINee fans also refer to themselves as Shawols, a combination of their first hit album "SHINee World" Shya + Wol = Shawols. I personally love SHINee's Ring Ding Dong (it's my ringtone) and Lucifer. Their dancing in phenomenal (especially in Lucifer), but I cannot forgive them for wearing pastel skinny jeans so much. Why Minho?! Why must you make me cry?! T^T This group has tons of fan girls...more recently the member Jong Hyun got a girlfriend and it caused quite a scandal and heartache. This group is also known for their fashion sense. The Korean media dubbed it the "SHINee Trend" among students; consisting of colorful hightop sneakers, skinny jeans and bright sweaters. They are also known and photographed for their airport fashion.

Fanclub Name: SHINee World
Official Site:
Company: SM Entertainment
Origin: Named after their first hit album. Fans also call themselves Shawols.
Color: Sky Blue
Fee: 15,000 won (Koreans, Foreigners living in Korea), $43 USD (Out of Country)


♥ Membership card with new visual picture of ARTIST
♥ Invitation for grand opening party with ARTIST (1 time)
♥ Subscription to S.M. ARTIST Official Global Fanclub Magazine
♥ One time ARTIST Official Global Fanclub Special Goods
♥ ARTIST Official Global Fanclub Community information service (Coming soon)
♥ Mobile Global Fanclub Service (Coming soon)
♥ Invitation to participate in public broadcasts and events (Determined before the performance)
♥ Invitation to participate in ARTIST Official Global Fanclub tour live taping events (Price details available at the time of the event. Tickets will be first come first served.)
♥ Special benefits when purchasing merchandising at the S.M. online mall (Coming soon)
♥ Invitation to participate in ARTIST Official Global Fanclub international concert tour of ARTIST (Tickets will be first come first serve. While membership benefits provide you with a ticket to the concert, you must still pay for transportation to and from the concert, as well as accomodation and other personal expenses except the concert ticket.)

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