Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Christmas time in the States is something that is synonymous with: Baby Jesus, the commercial shopping frenzy, Santa Claus, and family get togethers. When you've lived your life being "in" the American Christmas season, it's hard to think that Christmas isn't like this everywhere else (I mean, it's not?! Hooooooowww?!)

Simon and Martina of the blog/vlog Eat Your Kimchi, recently brought up this subject of Christmas in South Korea in a recent vlog. In South Korea, Christmas is more subdued and even though there is a small family and religious aspect, the Christmas season (especially Christmas Eve) is mostly focused on romantic couples (even more important than dreaded Valentine's Day!). I mean, according to Simon and Martina, everyone is running around trying to find a date and not be single. So when I read about this recent event, I just had to laugh!

A group on Facebook started up a massive blind date flash mob event or "Solo-Battle" for all the single people on Christmas Eve. A reported 36,000 users signed up to attend the event held in Yeouido, Seoul, but only 3,500 showed up for the hope of a possible date. Unfortunately, the crowd was almost entirely made up of lonely, single men in their 20's and 30's. ^_^' The women were greatly outnumbered! Women were asked to wear something red and guys to wear something white. There was even a special kind of code you had to know in order to participate, "Are you here to go for a walk? Would you like to go for a walk with me?" Poor guys! The event quickly dispersed when the guys came to realize it was an embarrassing sausage fest... Don't give up guys, just keep trying. Fighting!