Thursday, March 22, 2012

A.W.W. [ OMO ]

pronounced: oh-mo

Defined by Urban Dictionary.Com:

1. Meaning Oh My! Usually used by those who speak the Korean language or wannabe Koreans who watch Kdramas all day.


Omo! You scared me!

Omo! That guy punched that kitten!

Kinda like saying O-M-G or Oh my Gosh, just say Omo! Shortens it considerdably and it's actually a really cool sounding non-word. There were some other definitions that were also listed on Urban Dictionary that were really funny. Like: The odd man out (unfavorable to men) or Oh My Oprah! Generally, I've only heard it in dramas and some Korean reality shows. When someone wants to do slapstick or be over dramatic you just add a bunch of "OMOS!"

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