Monday, July 18, 2011

YesStyle.Com Models: Women's Edition!

If you've ever shopped online you will know about It's where Asia goes to online shop; they have everything from clothes, shoes, bags, contacts, jewelry, stationary and even wigs! It's so cute and they even offer international shipping!!! But have you seen the models?! It's either cuteness overload or just creepy cute (I'm so scared).

Look forward to the men's edition of!

Classic "Shhh" Pose

Pigeon Toed-Sigh Pose

I really want to buy this but I have no idea what it will look like on me, so I'm scared! T-T
Ear Muffs with Head Tilt Pose

Mini Heart with a Scary Doll Face (Scarrry!)

Asian Hipster (I think it's the headband)

Top Bun and her super skinny legs make those jeans look cute!

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