Friday, July 29, 2011

Asian Poses.Com

A while back I stumbled upon this site called At first I thought it was a little sketchy and could be confused with other "dirty" sites, but it has become a very informational source to find cute and hilarious Asian poses. I also got my own picture posted on the site a while back. It hasn't been updated in while (and that makes me sad) but you all should check it out!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


For the longest time, I've loved the KPop girl group 2NE1 (pronounced '21' or To Anyone) and they've been coming out with singles that have the greatest beats! I'm a total Blackjack (name of 2NE1 fans). I want them to come to the US and I want to see them in South Korea so bad! They actually are working with Will.I.Am to put out an American album. So pysched! Here are some of their latest music videos from their 2nd Mini Album. They definitely have an "edgy" kind of look to them and they are so talented!

Park Bom's Debut Single


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sailor Moon Nouveau

One of the for-runners of famous Shiney faces is none other than Sailor Moon!!! "In the name of the Moon I will punish you!" And I love Art Nouveau, so when I found this it was perfect! Yay!!! I have no idea who the author is of this fanart. ^-^;

Monday, July 18, 2011

YesStyle.Com Models: Women's Edition!

If you've ever shopped online you will know about It's where Asia goes to online shop; they have everything from clothes, shoes, bags, contacts, jewelry, stationary and even wigs! It's so cute and they even offer international shipping!!! But have you seen the models?! It's either cuteness overload or just creepy cute (I'm so scared).

Look forward to the men's edition of!

Classic "Shhh" Pose

Pigeon Toed-Sigh Pose

I really want to buy this but I have no idea what it will look like on me, so I'm scared! T-T
Ear Muffs with Head Tilt Pose

Mini Heart with a Scary Doll Face (Scarrry!)

Asian Hipster (I think it's the headband)

Top Bun and her super skinny legs make those jeans look cute!