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This blog started out as a project that was meant to fill my spare time and because I have such a obsession with Asian culture and surfing the web, this seemed to be the most ideal project! Yes...this is the truth! But this year, I want to keep growing and maturing with this site. There are lots of silly non-sensical things that are just random but that's what makes it fun! Now I've come to realize I want to make it MORE than just that. Who knows, I might leave Blogger and move onto better blogging sites in order to full-fill that dream... T^T So wanna help me? Support me by following me and telling all your friends about me! Also submit your own ideas for what could possibly be on this site, I have lots of friends calling in with "tips". In an earlier post, I put out my goals for this blog in 2012 and even though they might be insignificant compared to other well-known blogs, I hope to achieve these and more!


[x] 25+ Followers
[x] More than 8,000 views
[x] Have contributors and collaborators
[x] Include Vlogs
[x] Have first-hand experience articles

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