Thursday, March 15, 2012

A.W.W. [Sel-ca]

Welcome to the first installment of a new segment called Asian Word of the Week (or AWW)!!! Yay!!! This was born from the idea that a lot of words used in Asian countries don't always transfer over into the Americas. So in these segments I want to clarify vocabulary, phrases, ideas etc. so that everyone can be on the same page. I hope this segment will change and morph and into something that is valuable and entertaining.

Without further ado...the first AWW Vocab is:

pronounced: sell-caw

Defined by Urban Dictionary.Com:

1. A Self-Cam picture. ie a picture of yourself taken by yourself. Not professionally. 2. A collection of pictures of oneself.


I have a lot of selca pics because i'm a camwhore.

Asians love love LOVE talking photos and this has bred a whole culture around taking pictures. Taking cute pictures of yourself is huge! Put together the two English words, SELF and CAPTURE and you get SELCA (I've also seen SELKA). Idols and non-idols have tons of selcas, all ranging from scary to funny to down right adorable...believe it or not, it is considered a fan service to loyal followers.

Generally, selcas involve just the person in the picture; using one hand to hold out the camera and take the picture. Nowadays I've been seeing some taken with a little bit of help. I have also started seeing more and more selcas posted in series style. Look at some examples below:

Hongki FTIsland
Qri T-Ara
Narsha BEG
Actress Park Min Young
Actor Lee Minho

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