Thursday, October 20, 2011

Join the Club - S♥NES

In the spirit of the week, this Thursday's club is SNSD's S♥NE. The club's name is pronounced "so-one" and implies SNSD will always be one with their fans. With such a large group of cute girls (9 to be exact) there's got to be thousands and thousands of fans. SNSD is making way for US exposure seeing as Girl's Generation is listed under Interscope Records.

Fanclub Name: S♥NE
Official Site:
Company: SM Entertainment
Origin: Pronounced "so-one" and when written in Hangul (소원) means "Wish" which is also a recorded song on their first album.
Color: Pastel Rose
Fee: 15,000 won (Koreans, Foreigners living in Korea), $43 USD (Out of Country)


♥ Membership card with new visual picture of ARTIST
♥ Invitation for grand opening party with ARTIST (1 time)
♥ Subscription to S.M. ARTIST Official Global Fanclub Magazine
♥ One time ARTIST Official Global Fanclub Special Goods
♥ ARTIST Official Global Fanclub Community information service (Coming soon)
♥ Mobile Global Fanclub Service (Coming soon)
♥ Invitation to participate in public broadcasts and events (Determined before the performance)
♥ Invitation to participate in ARTIST Official Global Fanclub tour live taping events (Price details available at the time of the event. Tickets will be first come first served.)
♥ Special benefits when purchasing merchandising at the S.M. online mall (Coming soon)
♥ Invitation to participate in ARTIST Official Global Fanclub international concert tour of ARTIST (Tickets will be first come first serve. While membership benefits provide you with a ticket to the concert, you must still pay for transportation to and from the concert, as well as accomodation and other personal expenses except the concert ticket.)

Fan Support: Pink Glowsticks

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