Thursday, October 13, 2011

Join the Club - Blackjacks

I'm just now starting to structure my posting so on Sundays I will be reviewing Korean/Japanese dramas. If there is a drama you'd like me to review all you have to do is send me an email and request it! On Tuesdays it's Let's Learn Korean!, basically small tid-bits of language learning. K-Pop Obsession music videos will be the main focus on Wednesdays. I hope to eventually refine a simple way to also review it as much as dork out about it. And today is the first Thursday of Join the Club! This topic will be focusing on one K-Pop fan club each week, if you have additional information to the posts I have here, drop me line or leave a comment in the post. ^^

So along with every Group/Band/Solo etc. comes a major fanbase. These fans obsess and love their idols no matter what. What happens is an official club is formed and managed by the groups' managing companies. Members of these clubs have a specific deadline in which to apply and are rewarded with special priviledges, benefits, and priorities. Each club and managing company is different, but to become a member you might have to pay a fee and it only lasts for one year. Now joining a fanclub seems a little different, especially in the States. I guess I didn't really think to check if idols in the US had official fanclubs, are there? (Someone please tell me T^T)

Batters up! First to the plate is none other than the fabulous 2NE1! Yay, I love them! Not only are these four girls rockin' the charts in Korea, they are starting to get some major exposure in the US. I couldn't find specific numbers on how many members their club actually has, but I bet there is a lot and not just in Korea, internationally as well. It's rumored that Will.I.Am wants to produce them in the US. It would be great if they could at least have a concert over here!!!
Fanclub Name: Blackjack
Official Site:
Company: YG Entertainment
Origin: 2NE1 is pronounced '21' and like the card game, their fanclub is similarily named Blackjack where the highest hand you can get is 21.
Colors: Hot Pink and Black
Fee: 25,000 won or 25 USD

♠ You will receive/be issued a BLACKJACK membership card
♠ Welcoming card (handwritten by 2NE1 members)
♠ Fanclub official GOODS GIFT BOX
♠ Can participate in events such as (fan meeting, (video) conference, etc)
♠ Participate in live stages that are broadcasted such as Music Core, SBS Inkigayo, and Music Bank
♠ During domestic and overseas concerts you will have a chance to get priority seats.
♠ Usage of the BLACKZONE that is only available to fanclub members
♠ Send SMS, receive newsletters by email

Fan Support: Members sport poker-card shaped lightsticks.


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