Tuesday, November 15, 2011

YesStyle.Com Models: Men's Edition!!!

So I've been meaning to do this for a while...Instead of Let's Learn Korean, we are going to do a feature on the male models of YesStyle.Com. Now, many many North Americans would not really get this idea of the Korean "Flower Boy". They're very feminine (gender bender) and fashionable, a metrosexual, if you will. Mistaking a man for a woman or a woman for man is very common. Get one thing straight, beauty and handsome-ness(?) is very different from North American and Asian standards...just keep that in mind. Some of the models below might leave you scratching your head but that's only because we live in the USA. Lol.

He really rocks hair in his eyes and a fur hood.
Sassy hip pose.
Reminds me of Jo Kwon of 2AM!!!
This is the outfit I wore today! He's rocking the murse.
Futuristic glasses with zippers.
Hi yah cutsey nerd. >.<
I tried harem pants once... disastrous.
This makes me go huh? I don't know...

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