Thursday, November 3, 2011

EATs: Mirror of Korean, MN

Today is my birthday! So I am blogging about what I want (not that I already do and yes I am blogging on my birthday)! Since I can blog whateva I want there is not going to be an edition of Join the Club, instead this post is about foooooooooooodddddd. In Minnesota, there are a couple authentic Korean restuarants. My friend Sarah and I want to try all of them, but so far we've only tried one and that is Mirror of Korea on Snelling in St. Paul. We LOVE this place. The atmosphere is nice, the prices are decent and most importantly, the food is NOM NOM NOM! The best strategy is to go with 3+ people and order a whole bunch of food and eat family style! I particulary missed my friend Lauren, who is over in England having fun, and wished she could've been here today to help us eat all the delicious food. Miss yooooou!!!! Today it was just us, but it was delicious... Spicey chicken, pepper beef with rice and green tea icecream for dessert! Yum!


Dine In and Take Out Available
Address: 761 Snelling Ave. N. St.Paul, MN 55104 Phone: 651.647.9004
Hours: Monday – 11:00am ~ 9:30pm Tuesday – Closed Wednesday – 11:00am ~ 9:30pm Thursday – 11:00am ~ 9:30pm Friday – 11:00am ~ 9:30pm Saturday – 12:00pm ~ 9:30pm Sunday – 12:00pm ~ 9:00pm

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