Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Minnesota!

"Thanks MPLS" by Aaron Draplin at

Yes, today May 11, is Minnesota's 153rd brithday! Yaaaayyyyyy! Minnesota is just awesome, and I'm not saying that because I live here. Let me list the reasons:

 We are the number one bike-friend state in the US (suck it Portland, Oregon).
 The metro area is only second to New York City in live-theatre per capita.
 We have Prince and Atmosphere.
 Eden Prairie is the number one city to live in the country!
♥ SPAM. Fed our soldiers in the war... (WWI and WWII)
 Juicy. Freaking. Lucy.
 Home of the original Zombie Pub Crawl.
♥ The Walker Art Center is considered a heavy-hitter nationally on the modern art scene.
♥ We have sidewalks in the sky.
♥ We have Mall of America...I guess it's good for tourism.
♥ Winter makes us strong.
♥ And apparently, Minneapolis is the new "gayest city."

And another note, we apparently are also the number one state for hipsters. I don't know whether this is cause for celebration or sorrow. People in Uptown and Urban Outfitters must be celebrating now, we beat Williamsburg, NY.

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