Sunday, June 30, 2013

K Pop Obsession: After School's First Love

Restarting this blog back up with a good, old fashioned K-Pop obsession! Yay! Remember After School? Now, I realize looking back at some of my posts, I talk a lot about After School (including sub-unit Orange Caramel), I am After School biased and with good reason! The former leader, Kahi, has "graduated" on to other solo things and has been succeeded by JungAh. The group has remained quiet since the release of their last single, "Flashback" and finally released their comeback single, "First Love." I was shocked by the music video in all the right ways. I didn't think the progression of their comebacks go from drumlines to tap dancing to pole dancing?! Gotta admit, the pole dancing takes the song to a whole new level. That "na na na na na na na nahhhh..." just gets into your brain and stays there. Way to go girls! I know you suffered a lot to pull this off and I'm oh so proud of you!

It's worth a watch:

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